Welcome Hudson Valley Brides!!!

My name is Jaimie and I'm the creator of this site. I have been on the Hudson Valley board for quite some time and it has become too quiet so I wanted to create something to keep the board alive.

You will be able to find every possible thing on this site that has and will be happening on our board. Some of the sections you will find here are HV brides wedding dates and the ladies who have gotten married already that still hang around, a section for the new comers on the board so they can understand everything, a birthday list, sections dedicated strictly to venues and vendors that the HV brides are using or have used, a section for any bride who has gotten married and is selling her wedding items, and a section with pictures of G2G's.  If you have anything you think would be valuable to add, you can e-mail me at Miavitabella0248@aol.com

The HV Brides know how stressful planning a wedding can be so I hope you all find this fun and helpful during your planning process. And as always, if there's ANY questions just ask!